stroller 768x1024 - Sunday Things... 3.17.19

Hi friends! To be honest this weekend hasn’t been the most relaxing. I had a ton of deadlines for the blog that I was trying to complete. I always feel so lucky that I get to do what I love, but sometimes the lines are SO blurred between my work and family life. I need to do a better job of getting my work done during the week so I can really relax and enjoy my weekends. On a brighter note, I have a friend’s wedding in Key West next weekend, so really looking forward to that getaway! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my fave finds from this week:

Loving this guide to the Caribbean.

I’m ready to splurge on a new bag (it’s been a while) and I can’t decide between this one or this one. They’re both similar, but different.

I’ve been wanting to go to Napa for so long – loving this guide. Planning a trip there next year with the husband and some friends!

This dress is SO pretty!

I’ve been so into rompers lately and loving this one!

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