Josh and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary in Miami. I cannot believe we’ve been married for 5 years already – that’s so crazy to me!!

Miami Guide

Had the best breakfast at Habitat at the 1 Hotel

We decided to stay at the 1 Hotel on South Beach. I had never stayed there before, but heard fabulous things. After browsing their website for a while I saw how ‘wellness-ey’ the hotel was and knew it’s where we belonged, haha!

The hotel is my design-dream. It’s light, white and airy with plants everywhere. It’s what I dream my house looked like 🙂

There were lots of healthy options at the hotel such as the farm-to-table restaurant (Habitat) next to the lobby as well as Plnthouse next to the gym. Anyone into health and wellness would be really happy here!

We checked in on Friday evening and had a few minutes to relax in our room and explore the hotel before dinner. We got upgraded to a huge suite which was really awesome (thanks to booking through American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts).

We then headed downstairs to Habitat for dinner which was amazing – highly recommend!

Saturday morning we slept in and then went to a boxing / pilates hybrid class at the gym in the hotel (Anatomy) which was really cool! It was SO nice to sleep in and hang out while leisurely sipping my coffee with no where to be – that never happens for me!!

After our workout we went back to Habitat for breakfast where they had a create your own toast bar which as you can imagine I loved! After breakfast it was time to plop ourselves onto a lounge chair and hang at the pool and beach for hours uninterrupted!

Miami Guide

My breakfast from Habitat at the 1 Hotel

After lots of time and the pool I headed to the Bamford Haybarn Spa (also located inside the 1 Hotel – as you can see you never need to leave). This spa was incredible! The products are organic which made me so happy! I got an 80 minute massage followed by a 50 minute facial. I felt like a new person after! Not to mention my 15 minutes in the steam room before my treatments to sweat out any toxins 🙂

Miami Guide

The best massage and facial at Banford Haybarn Spa

Saturday night was the only time we ventured out of the hotel. Honestly there was so much to do in the hotel plus great dining options that you never have to leave. However, Upland is one of my favorite restaurants in Miami, so we took a quick Uber to Upland for a delicious meal! I am so obsessed with the food there and I love the atmosphere.

Miami Guide

Dinner at Upland – one of my favorite restaurants!

Sunday morning we slept in AGAIN (yay) and then headed back to Anatomy for a yoga class. It was honestly one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever taken! Josh really enjoyed it too!

Miami Guide

We took the best Yoga class at Anatomy at the 1 Hotel

We then head breakfast at Habitat again (so convenient just staying in the hotel) and then headed to the pool for our final hours of relaxation and sunshine before heading home.

Miami Guide

The most beautiful beach day!

Before heading home we stopped at Plnthouse (also in the 1 Hotel) for a smoothie for the car ride. I can never just pick from something on the menu, so made a custom smoothie (I try to keep the fruit to just 1 serving and add in lots of healthy fat and superfoods). I loved Plnthouse, but my own complaint was that they use Silk Almond Milk – yuk! How can you claim to be a healthy place and then use an almond milk as the base of your smoothie that contains such crappy ingredients? I would have liked to see a homemade almond milk or a cleaner option used (such as Malk, Three Trees or New Barn). However, that was really my only complaint 🙂

Miami Guide

My custom smoothie from Plnthouse

It was then time to head home. Luckily we live just 45 minutes north of Miami so it was a quick ride and I was SOO excited to be reunited with my little girls! I missed them so much, but really enjoyed some much-needed time to myself!!

I would definitely stay at the 1 Hotel again – I truly had the best weekend! This is NOT sponsored, and I paid for my stay at the hotel and everything we did there – just wanted to give you guys a recap of my Miami weekend!! xo


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