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1:1 Services

Wellness supplements
Stress reduction
Sleep techniques
Non-toxic product consulting
Kids food and products

Brand Partnerships

I have proudly been partnering with brands I love for over 5 years now. I only partner with brands that I can 100% stand behind and believe in. I am very selective about who I work with and carefully read all labels and ingredients. Ingredient lists must be clean and minimal, non-toxic and only made with wholesome ingredients. My audience trusts that I would only recommend brands and products that I truly find healthy, so if you meet that criteria, then request my media kit!

  • Instagram posts
  • Instagram stories
  • Blog posts
  • Recipe development
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsored travel
  • Cooking classes
  • Social media consulting
Brands I’ve Worked With
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Siggis 1024x378 - Work With Me
VitalProteins 1024x213 - Work With Me
WholeFoods 1024x1024 - Work With Me
HuKitchen 1024x157 - Work With Me
Ritual 1024x322 - Work With Me
PotteryBarnKids 1024x147 - Work With Me
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