Green Smoothie Bowl Leahs Plate - Sunday Things... 2.28.16

Hello friends! I usually do my ‘Sunday Things’ post in the morning while I lay in bed drinking coffee, but today the baby totally took over my morning and I’m finally just getting around to it! After an early morning with the baby, I got to go to my favorite kickboxing class (thanks so much to the husband for making sure I get to go every Sunday!) and then made myself a delicious smoothie bowl (pictured above). Anyway, I’m being rushed off the computer now because it’s time to take the babe to the carnival in our neighborhood! I hope everyone is doing whatever makes them happy!!

Below are my favorite finds from around the Internet this week:

In the food/health world:

In the fashion world:

In the travel world:

  • I’ve been to Spain twice, but have never been to Madrid. Loving this guide for when I finally make it there!
  • I can’t wait for my trip to NY this summer and am excited to check out these coffee spots!

In other news:

  • How cute are these little cabins?

The recipe for the green smoothie bowl in this post is on my Instagram today! It’s really yummy and I suggest you all make it!! 🙂 You can purchase the Paleonola granola here!

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