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To say I have a major obsession with acai bowls is an understatement. They are so refreshing and are my favorite way to start my day. Most places make them with almond milk, which makes them dairy-free, raw and vegan. If you are gluten-free you can omit the granola or ask if they have a gluten-free granola option (most places do).

I spent my time in California in search of the perfect acai bowl. There are an abundance of amazing places to find acai bowls in Southern California, so my options were not limited. Below is a list of my top favorite places to go get your acai bowl:

Los Angeles & Orange County:

  • Juice Crafters: Their acai bowls are some of the best I’ve ever had. Anything you order here you will be pleased with, but I especially love the “green acai bowl” to ensure I get my greens for the day! The greens are well-masked by the fruity flavor of the acai so you can’t even taste them!
  • Live Beaming: This LA based spot (they also have one in San Diego) is my happy place. Their extensive menu makes it difficult to choose what to order, but since we’re sticking to acai bowls, my favorite is the “acai protein bowl” which is packed with their non-gmo superfood plant protein. They top it with their homemade granola which is the best!
  • SeJuiced: This is a cute juice bar on the Pacific Coast Highway in Corona Del Mar. The “aztec warrior” acai bowl is my favorite. You have the option of getting acai or pitaya which is then blended with sprouted almond milk, almond butter, banana and strawberries. It is then topped with hemp granola, banana, strawberry, mulberries, cacao nibs and raw honey. Not to get off course from acai bowls, but you also have to try the “coco therapy” coconut smoothie, which is served in a coconut!
  • Krisp: This is a new spot in Newport Beach. I had the pleasure of trying the “cacao bliss” bowl and the “greens blend” bowl. Both were equally delicious!
  • Active Culture: They have two locations in Orange County and are way more than just a juice/smoothie cafe. They have a full menu serving up amazing vegetarian food. The “velvet acai bowl” is made with their homemade almond milk and is a blissful experience 🙂
  • Nekter: They have locations all over Southern California, so no matter what town you’re in there should be a Nekter Juice Bar nearby. I had the pitaya bowl and it was amazing!
  • Banzai Bowls: They have locations in a few cities in Orange County. These bowls are massive, so unless you are really starving go with the small! The large could easily feed 2 people! They have a huge variety of acai bowls and pitaya bowls to choose from.
  • Earthbar: They have many locations all over Southern California and serve fantastic smoothies. They also have a great basic acai bowl on the menu that hits the spot every time!

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