Every day I need a snack between lunch and dinner. There is no way I can go from eating lunch at noon until eating dinner at 7pm without getting hungry in between. I try to keep my snacks as clean as possible. Many granola and snack bars claim to be healthy, but if you take the time to read the ingredients, they are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. I live by the philosophy, “count chemicals, not calories.” My rule of thumb is that you should know what each ingredient is and it should be a whole food. For example, “soy protein isolate” is actually just garbage that sounds healthy. Also, granola/snack bars should have a minimal amount of ingredients to ensure they aren’t over-processed. I go for non-GMO and mostly organic options. Below are my top picks for truly clean snack bars:

Larabar: The ingredients are simple and minimal, such as dates, nuts and usually only one or two other whole fruits.

Two Mom’s in the Raw: My favorite flavors are blueberry and goji berry. These granola bars are 100% organic.

Kur Bar: These are small, delicious bars. They are perfect for when you aren’t starving and just want something not too filling.

Go Raw Bars: My favorite flavors are the banana bread and apricot. This bar is sprouted for optimal nutrition.

GoMacro Bar: My favorite flavor is the “sweet rejuvenation” – I love the creamy texture and flavor from the cashew butter!

All of the above bars are free of wheat, dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugars. Additionally, they are all raw, vegan and gluten-free. These bars also make great snacks for bringing on a plane or long car ride.

larabar two moms in the raw


kur bargo raw


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