My Healthy Trip to Utah

I have been going on vacation to Utah since I was a little girl. I have always been very passionate about skiing, and even though I live in Florida I am sure to make a trip to Utah to ski at least once per year.

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It is so nice to disconnect from the world for a few days and connect with nature and the beautiful environment that Utah has to offer. I love breathing in the fresh, unpolluted mountain air.

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When vacationing in Utah, I usually stay in Park City. Main Street offers many shops and restaurants and is a great place to explore. I think of my time in Utah as a detox from life, both mentally and physically, so I attempt to remain healthy while on vacation to ensure I feel my best. I also need to eat wholesome, nutrient-dense foods to prepare my body for a full day of skiing.

My dad recently bought a vacation home in Park City and was sure to buy a blender in anticipation of my arrival at his new ski house. He knows I love my smoothies in the morning and was excited for me to make them for him as well! Each morning before hitting the slopes I made my family fresh smoothies using wholesome ingredients such as spinach, bananas, almond butter and hemp seeds. Smoothies are a great start to the day and give me the necessary fuel for skiing. I also packed a healthy snack with me so if hunger hit between meals I wouldn’t have to go to a vending machine and eat junk food. One of my favorite snacks are the Two Mom’s in the Raw granola bars, which are raw, vegan and gluten-free. They are small enough to fit in my pocket and are delicious!

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utah snack 768x1024 - My Healthy Trip to Utah
Healthy Snack to keep me energized


One of the days we drove about 45 minutes to Snowbird and Alta for a change from Park City. I discovered a slope-side restaurant at Alta named Watson’s which features fresh, organic fare. I indulged in a cup of their veggie chili, which was delicious! There are many healthy options at this restaurant and I highly recommend it for a lunch break during a long day of skiing.

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Watson’s Organic Restaurant at Alta Ski Mountain
utah chili 1024x1024 - My Healthy Trip to Utah
Organic Veggie Chili at Watson’s


We went out to dinner each night, but I always tried to make healthy choices by starting each meal with a salad. I am careful of fattening dressings so just ask for olive oil and vinegar on the side. I ordered a grilled chicken or steamed fish each night. If I ever splurged for pasta I kept the sauce on the light side, such as a tomato-based sauce with no cream. I allowed myself to taste dessert when it was ordered for the table, but only have a bite or two.

After each long day of skiing I checked into the Waldorf Astoria Spa in Park City for a few hours. I would take a hot tub and steam to relax my muscles followed by a deep-tissue massage. I took this time to be alone and and just “zen-out”. The hot tub is outside overlooking the beautiful mountains and is so serene. This is probably one of my favorite spas in the country.

utah spa 1024x1024 - My Healthy Trip to Utah
Relaxing at the Waldorf Astoria Spa in Park City


I feel refreshed and revived after a long weekend in Utah and always look forward to returning! Below are some additional pictures from my trip:

utah fam 1024x768 - My Healthy Trip to Utah
Me, Dad & Little Brother


utah me nic 1024x768 - My Healthy Trip to Utah
Me & Little Brother


utah dad me e1429534768498 768x1024 - My Healthy Trip to Utah
Dad & Me


utah1 1024x768 - My Healthy Trip to Utah
Healthy meal to-go from Whole Foods in Park City

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  1. Great post on healthy eating alternatives while on vacation. I have many clients that visit Park City on ski vacation, so I found this article very helpful. I am going to try the healthy bars as a grab and go for easy snacking while on the slopes.

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