Today I'm Rounding Up a List of My Must-Haves (Personal Favorites)

Good morning friends! I’ve recently come across so many great products so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites with you! These are the items that I consider to be my personal ‘must-haves’. These little things make my world go round:

A wholesome snack bar made with clean ingredients to keep in your bag at all times (because when hunger strikes I cannot wait)! This one is my absolute favorite!

A classic pair of black workout leggings. I’m obsessed with this pair! They’re SO soft and comfy they could almost be pajamas. Since I’m a stay-at-home mama I wear them around the house all day as well as to my yoga class.

A comfortable sports bra – because I wear them all day every day and I need to be comfortable, yet supported!

A comfy pair of sneakers that you can workout in, but also looks good with jeans. I love these, these and these.

A non-plastic water bottle to carry around. My two favorites are this one (so pretty) and this one.

A basic white tee – to wear with jeans or leggings.

Good coffee – this is a must for me the moment I wake up. I have a toddler to deal with all day!

Collagen peptides – they keep my skin and joints healthy. I pour a packet into my coffee or into my smoothie every day.

Invest in a good quality blender – it’s SO worth it. I’m loving my BlendTec.

Quality dark chocolate – I need a little something sweet every night after dinner and this chocolate has the cleanest ingredients! I’m also obsessed with these coconut butter cups.

A good pair of sunglasses – because I rarely have time to put on makeup anymore!

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