Beautycounter Giveaway

Over the past few years I made the switch to cleaner, non-toxic beauty products. I made this change when I was pregnant with my first daughter, Emma. I truly believe that everyone should make the switch to non-toxic products because certain toxic ingredients can negatively affect your health in many ways. Your skin is your largest organ and everything you put on it gets absorbed in to your body.

My friend Julie is a consultant for a company called Beautycounter, which has skincare, bath & body, haircare products, sun protection, cosmetics/makeup, a kids line and a baby collection. Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products in to the hands of everyone. Whether you are looking for a product to help with eczema, rosacea, acne or just safer products for anti-aging, sensitive skin, dry skin – you can find it at Beautycounter!

Beautycounter advocates for better health protective laws in the beauty industry. Did you know that no laws have been passed since 1938 regulating the $300,000,000,000 (that’s billion) skincare industry?  Beautycounter has a Never List of over 1500 ingredients that they will never use in their products – did you know the US only bans 30 ingredients while the European Union bans 1400?! Please check out their story on their website for more information about what they are doing and why.

I’m so thankful that Julie introduced me to this wonderful company, so I teamed up with her for a special giveaway!!

I recently tried the Beautycounter Sunscreen Mist and absolutely love love loveeee it! It’s a mineral sunscreen mist that is SPF 30 and provides UVA & UVB defense. It’s also water resistant up to 80 minutes. It’s formulated with non-nano zinc oxide and antioxidant-rich California Poppy. It’s gentle and pleasant feeling on the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky or thick residue like some sunscreens do. It blends in easily, and dries quickly without an oily residue. The sunscreen also protects against blue light which comes from technology devices, which is the best news ever because I’m constantly on my phone and computer.

Julie has offered to GIVE AWAY one sunscreen mist and a face stick to one of YOU. Simply click the link below to enter:

Enter for a chance to win a Beautycounter prize!

In the meantime, if you’d like to shop for Beautycounter products, click here. Julie is offering all of my readers $10 off through the end of the month. Once you place the order email her at

Have a nice weekend my loves!

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